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Getting A Mortgage with BM Solutions

Published: 19 August 2022
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Author: Carl Shave - CEO and co-founder
Last updated: 26May2024

BM Solutions (previously known as Birmingham Midshires) are a buy to let lending division of Lloyds Banking Group. They specialise in buy to let mortgages however, they have in the past also offered residential mortgages.

The company are an intermediary only lender and as such applications can only be submitted to them via an authorised BM Solutions for intermediaries broker.

How do you find a BM Solutions broker?

BM solutions is one of the largest buy to let mortgage providers in the UK, so it is highly likely that if you have a buy to let mortgage you will know of their existence or you are already one of their many existing customers. With them being an intermediary only lender, should you need to arrange a new mortgage, change your interest rate or look to borrow some additional funds you’ll probably need to do this through a BM Solutions authorised broker. The good news is that with BM being such a prominent provider in the buy to let market that many brokers will be authorised to use them. This of course includes ourselves.

Can I use BM Solutions Directly?

BM Solutions is an intermediary only mortgage provider and as such will not permit applications directly from the public. Unlike many other lenders, BM Solutions take the view that specialist lending such as the buy to let market is best served by mortgage intermediaries and professionals. The good news is that the mortgages they offer to you can hopefully remain competitive when only offered through this distribution method.

What are BM Solutions mortgage rates?

As with any lender, BM Solution will adjust their rates in accordance with the market and business levels. As an intermediary only lender they look to use this to their advantage and endeavour to maintain a competitive product range. An authorised BM broker will have access to all their current rates, and for some they may even have exclusive deals available to them that you would not find elsewhere.

BM Solutions Criteria

As with any lender, BM Solutions has a wide scope of criteria that they apply to their mortgages. Much of this can be found on their website that, whilst is aimed at BM Solution mortgage advisers and professionals, is available for all to view. As you may discover, the degree of criteria is quite vast and whilst certain things can be obtained from their website we would still strongly recommend speaking to an authorised broker to ensure your understanding is correct. But also, as already mentioned, should you wish to apply this will need to be done via a broker regardless so why not forge a relationship from the outset.

Just Mortgage Brokers and BM Solutions

Just Mortgage Brokers and any of our associates are authorised BM Solutions intermediaries. This means that if you have any possible borrowing needs with BM that we can deal with them on your behalf.  This can be for:

New applications: We can arrange new mortgage applications for purchases and remortgages for any of your buy to let or let to buy mortgage needs.

Product transfers: Just Mortgage Broker are able to obtain your possible rate switch options available to you as an existing customer and make any necessary arrangements on your behalf.

Further Advance: If you are considering raising some additional funds on your current BM Solutions mortgage we are able to look into this on your behalf and submit any application for you.

We are here to answer any other questions you may have, get in touch.