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Best Mortgage Lenders UK 2022

Published: 31 August 2022
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Author: Carl Shave - CEO and co-founder
Last updated: 21Jun2024

With a seemingly endless number of mortgage providers on the market and with each having what looks to be a huge array of interest rates, it is difficult to know which is best. Of course, what’s best for you will not necessarily be best for someone else and indeed, simply quantifying the word “best” is difficult as it will mean different things to different people.

The lender of choice for your mortgage should be the provider for who you firstly meet all their criteria and then who offers you the most appropriate scheme for your needs.

As all lenders have a wide range of differing criteria, we thought it useful to list a selection of a few lenders with some of their unique selling points (USPs).Whilst this does not define them as the best, it does give an overview of who may be able to assist for your circumstances.


As part of the Lloyds Banking Group, who have the largest market share of mortgage business, you would expect that Halifax must have something that makes them popular. Indeed, they do have wide range of criteria meaning they will suit many potential borrowers.

Halifax have a huge data bank of information in relation to property types from their experience of lending on a variety of property constructions and they use this to their advantage. They have a fairly individual approach to the type of property and whilst there will still be distinct cases where they will not lend, they will invariably take a view on any property subject to their valuer’s comments.

They can also be flexible for those that have been for less than the usual requirement of 2 years. For those that have a minimum of or HMRC submissions they will, in addition to other stipulations, consider you for a mortgage.


Nationwide have a good reputation in the market for helping First Time Buyers.  They are usually one of the lenders to participate in any government affordable housing schemes such as Shared Ownership. They are also providers of mortgages for the Deposit Unlock Scheme that has been seen as an alternative to the government’s Mortgage Guarantee Scheme.

BM Solutions

BM Solutions is the Buy-to-Let lender of Lloyds Banking Group. With this being their only area of lending, it enables them to solely focus on their criteria and products to best suit this sector. Where many lenders still require a buy to let applicant to have minimum personal income of £25,000 or more per annum, BM Solutions have no minimum income criteria.

BM Solutions are an intermediary-only lender and therefore, should you be considering them as an option for your mortgage, you will have to use the services of a mortgage broker or professional.

The Mortgage Works (TMW)

Similar to the set-up of BM and Lloyds banking Group, TMW is the Buy-to-Let arm of Nationwide. Again, solely focusing on BTL mortgages they can ensure they remain competitive in many areas. One such area is for Buy To Let Portfolio customers. TMW understands the needs of those that see the appeal of holding multiple buy to let properties, and their criteria, whilst not guaranteeing they will be able to help everyone, does give a wide scope of availability.


Aldermore is not a name that will be familiar to many, but one that will be used on a regular basis by specialist mortgage brokers. Aldermore has a very good set of defined criteria for those who have a history of Bad Credit. They are perhaps regarded as one of the better lenders to consider for those applicants that have a credit history classed as “light adverse” ie. those that have had difficulties in the past and just fall outside the scope of being accepted with a recognised high street lender.


Bad credit mortgages are where Bluestone excel. As with lenders such as Aldermore, they have a good approach to understanding the needs of those that have had credit issues in the past. They set out clear, defined criteria so applicants will know what their chances are of success should they apply. They  also have a defined structure for interest rates so they know depending on what the credit issues are and when they were recorded, what level of interest rate can be obtained.


Another big lender in our list, sitting in the top 6 for market share. HSBC’s feather in their cap is their understanding of self-employed clients’ complex business set-ups and accounts. For company directors of limited companies they are one of the very few lenders that will consider their affordability based on income generated from salary and the applicant’s share of the net profits.   For some this can make a considerable difference in the maximum loan permitted rather than working off the usual method of salary and dividends.


Santander is one of the first names to come to mind for potential consideration for Interest Only Mortgages. Interest Only takes up such a small space in the mortgage market now as so few lenders will even consider it, so to be able to have a lender with relatively flexible criteria together with typically competitive interest rates, makes Santander an appealing choice.


NatWest is a lender that offers quite a varied and flexible approach to many different circumstances, however, one standout item that we find beneficial to our clients is their consideration for those on a Tier 2 Visa. Restrictions in relation to the maximum loan to value (LTV) will still apply, as with many who will accept Tier 2 Visa applicants or Foreign Nationals, but their overall criteria means that they will be able to provide assistance where many other lenders would not.

Just Mortgage Brokers

We are not an actual lender but we could not leave ourselves off this list when taking about who is best and who has the best USPs. We have access to over 90 lenders and in turn, around 12,000 mortgages. Knowing that a lender may be able to assist in principle, based on who they may be willing to help, does not guarantee that they will offer you a mortgage. Meeting just one element of their rules gives the right indications but there will still be many more aspects of their criteria that you will have to meet. Using the services of a broker such as ourselves, can be a huge time saver and will also hopefully enable your application and your circumstances to be painted in the best possible light for a specific lender, giving you the very best chance of success. In turn, you can obtain the most appropriate scheme for your needs – ultimately ensuring you feel you have arranged your mortgage with the best mortgage lender in the UK.

We are here to answer any other questions you may have, get in touch.