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Buy-to-Let Mortgages are a specialist area of lending. In the past, if you wanted a Buy-to-Let Mortgage then you would have needed to find one of the specialist buy-to-let mortgage lenders, and more often than not, they would only provide Buy-to-Let Mortgages. This has now changed and the availability of lenders is plentiful. The specialist lenders still remain in place and they are still the ones that provide some of the most dynamic product and criteria spread. On top of the specialist lenders quite a number of High Street lenders now have plenty of options available.

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Author: Carl Shave - CEO and co-founder
Last updated: 21 Jun 2024

Who are the best buy-to-let mortgage lenders

The best buy-to-let mortgage lenders in the UK can perhaps be defined by those that can offer the right criteria for your individual requirements and situation and then in turn the most appropriate mortgage scheme. With all lenders having different criteria for their buy to let mortgage qualification you will need to ensure you meet all of these to qualify.

Some of the criteria will likely be:

  • How much deposit or amount of equity do you have
  • Are you a homeowner or a first time buyer
  • Do you own any existing buy-to-let properties or are you a first time landlord
  • Is it a Regulated buy-to-let or a Consumer buy-to-let

Regulated buy-to-let mortgage lenders will accept an applicant whereby the property in question is being let to an immediate family member

Consumer buy-to-let mortgage lenders will lend on properties that are owned by someone classed as an accidental landlord e.g. the property has been inherited

  • Do you have a bad credit history
  • What is the rental income and does it fit affordability for the loan amount required
  • Do you have sufficient personal income ie a PAYE salary or self employed income

An introduction to Buy-to-Let Mortgages

Buy-to-Let Topics

Whether you're investing in your first Buy-to-Let Mortgage or an experienced landlord, we can help.

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Buy-to-let Mortgage Lenders FAQs

Most people will be familiar with the term buy-to-let but what about let to buy. Let-to-buy is in essence a role reversal for a buy-to-let scenario. This is where you are looking to retain your existing home and use this as a rental property and then look to purchase another property for your own personal use. Therefore, let-to-buy mortgage lenders will allow the change of usage and permit the current residential mortgage to be changed to a buy to let thus enabling a new residential mortgage to be arranged on your new home.

Whist this scenario seems relatively straight forward, many lenders may not permit this especially if it is the first time you will have rented out a property and also as there will typically not be a track record of rent being received on the subject property. This is where a buy-to-let mortgage broker can be of great value to you as they will have the knowledge of the best let-to-buy mortgage lenders in the UK and establish of those who you meet criteria.

It would be ideal if there was a simple list of buy-to-let mortgage lenders however, with there being numerous ones to name and with each having their own individual criteria, whilst not impossible, it would virtually be of no great use.  Whilst it would give you numerous names it could be extremely time consuming to find the ones that you fit their rules and then from those who has the best scheme for your requirements.

Of course, you could source masses of information by searching online, as indeed you likely have to find yourself here, however when you need to get to the crux of it and pin point the lender of choice, the services of a buy-to-let mortgage broker can be invaluable.

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